ISU Dining considers the following items as Halal:

  • All fish/seafood
  • Vegetables, fruit, and grains (with the exception of those that cause intoxication)
  • Dairy and eggs
  • Beef, lamb and poultry that have been labeled Halal by the supplier


Halal certified proteins (such as beef, lamb, and poultry) are available at Union Drive Marketplace, Hawthorn, and Seasons, and these items are designated with the symbol to the right (blue box, white H). We do not place this symbol on items that are already Halal, such as fish and vegetables. In our 3 locations that serve Halal certified proteins, we take the following precautions to prevent cross-contact:


  • Staff use thoroughly cleaned cooking utensils and equipment.
  • Staff use blue cutting boards, blue knives, and blue tongs to prevent cross-contact with non-Halal proteins.
  • Staff will ensure Halal signage indicating the use of blue utensils is placed next to the Halal protein items being served.
  • Staff will follow basic food safety principles, such as washing hands, changing gloves, cleaning and sanitizing the work surface before preparing Halal food items.
  • ISU Dining will utilize appropriate signage to designate Halal food items.