Proposed New Plans

We are working with students to implement new meal plans for fall 2017.  The information below includes the proposed new structure of meal plans. Your feedback is important! Please send any questions or comments you have to or talk with your IRHA or Hall Government representatives.  Thank you for your time.

Drawbacks to Current Semester Plans

  • Not valued by students
  • Restrictive as students feel they “waste” a meal if they decide to simply have, for example, cereal and toast or just want to hang out with friends in the dining centers and have a snack
  • Poor budgeting of meals could mean students run out before the end of the semester
  • Meals are "lost" if they are not all used

Proposed Meal Plan Change Overview for Required Areas

Required areas are all residence halls except Wallace and WIlson

  • Change from semester plan structure to unlimited plan structure 
  • What does "unlimited structure" mean? The freedom to go in and out of residential dining centers (including the new Friley Windows) as much as you would like without having to worry about meal counts or wasting meals
  • Plans include Express Meals for use in retail locations; Express Meals can also be used for guests
  • Students who were on the current Semester Bronze Plan for the Fall 2016 semester will have the option to retain that plan for the 2017-18 academic year only

Meal Plan Changes: Benefits to Students

  • Cost savings as the access to dining centers is unlimited - meaning you don't have to go out for ice cream, order late-night pizza or have an overload of snacks and breakfast items in your room, your dining centers can serve those needs for you
  • Unlimited meals allowing the student to access dining facilities just as they use their own kitchen
  • Healthier option: Eat more times per day but smaller amounts
  • Late night options, locations open until 11 p.m.
  • Express meals and dining dollars provide the ability to eat in retail locations as needed
  • Snacking, socializing and studying in the dining centers is easier because there is no "losing a meal" and dining centers are open all day


Operational Changes

  • Dining centers to be open all day and longer hours in the evenings
  • New dining center opening in Fall 2017, Friley Windows, to add capacity and ability to serve more students
  • Menu changes to meet students' needs morning, midday and late night. 

Proposed Required Area Plans for 2017-18 | Anytime Structure

Required areas are the residence halls with the exception of Wallace and Wilson.

Cy Power Plan

  • Unlimited vists to dining centers
  • 46 Express Meals per semester / 92 per year
  • $200 Dining Dollars per Semester / $400 Dining Dollars per Year
  • Rate: $2300 per semster / $4600 per year

-For the 2018-19 academic year, the plan wil have 32 express meals per semester / 64 per year.


  • Unlimited visits to dining centers
  • 34 Express Meals per semester / 68 per year
  • $0 Dining Dollars
  • Rate: $2100 per semester / $4200 per year

-For the 2018-19 academic year, students will have 24 express meals per semester / 48 per year 


  • 200 meals in dining centers per semester / 400 per year
  • 35 Express Meals per semester / 70 per year
  • $100 Dining Dollars per semester / $200 per year
  • Rate: $1977.50 per semester / $3955 per year

*Gold plan is available for the 2017-18 academic year only

Proposed Non-Required Area Plans for 2017-18 | Semester, Block, Dining Dollars Structure

Non-required areas are Frederiksen Court, Iowa State West, SUV, Legacy Tower and off-campus.

Semester Plans


  • 225 meals per semester / 450 per year
  • $200 dining dollars per semester / $400 dining dollars per year
  • Rate: $1964 per semester / $3928 per year (no change in rate from 2016-17)


  • 125 meals per semester / 250 per year
  • $300 dining dollars per semester / $600 dining dollars per year
  • Rate: $1562 per semester / $3124 per year (no change in rate from 2016-17)

*ISU students who had the bronze plan for fall 2016 and are living in a required area for 2017-18 can keep the bronze plan for 2017-18 if they choose to do so.


Block Plans

Block plans can be added to any unlimited plan as additional express meals if desired. They can be purchased as stand-alone items for students in non-required areas.

  • 105 meals, $1103 
  • 85 meals, $915
  • 50 meals, $550


Dining Dollars 

This structure is not changing. Additional dining dollars can be added to any unlimited plan if desired.

  • $10 to $190, no discount
  • $200 to $390, 5% discount
  • $400 to $590, 7.5% discount
  • $600+, 10% discount

Please send your feedback, suggestions and questions to